Your Account Manager and your Project Manager (PM) are the first point of contact for all concerns/complaints you may have.

A complaint must have been notified to Wolfestone Translation in line with our Terms and Conditions.

The Account Manager is in charge of contacting the client after the receipt of a concern/complaint to obtain the details of the situation.

Your PM will deploy the appropriate methods of investigation in accordance with the nature of the problem.

The complaints procedure is as follows:

  • The client should provide examples to illustrate their concerns i.e. at least one full page (preferably more) from the translation with marked amendments (tracked changes in MS Word) and comments.
  • Wolfestone Translation will, in the first instance, send the original work and our client’s full feedback to an independent linguist for initial response feedback.
    • If the initial response feedback report matches our client’s initial feedback, we will carry out a full proof-review, in which both the independent proof-reviewer’s and client’s changes are implemented as quickly as possible (depending on the length of the translated document). The PM ensures that the original translator is not used again for that client’s projects and is retested according to our standard vetting procedure.
    • If the proof-review report does not match with the client’s initial feedback, we inform the client about the situation and explains why disagreements may have happened (for example, stylistic differences of no material substance). In such an event, the client is at liberty to ask for a new round of proof-review, at their expense.
  • In any event, Wolfestone looks to ensure best service for our client.

Read in more detail with our Terms and Conditions.