From developing new skills in marketing to supporting the busy accounts department, learn what it’s like to be an intern at Wolfestone from Abdallah, who is currently completing his university placement with us.

Starting Out

Prior to beginning my internship at Wolfestone in July last year, I had no idea what sort of tasks I would work on. As an Accounting and Finance student at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, the idea of working in the marketing department of a translation company seemed quite daunting, especially as I have never worked in a professional environment before. I do, however, have a weekend job in a restaurant, but nothing that could prepare me for an office job.

After the first few days, I felt very comfortable with my assigned tasks. My mentor Linda has been a great help in regards to any queries I had and the staff at Wolfestone as whole were very approachable, no matter the query. Linda gave me the opportunity to work in a few departments, including project management and with the accounting team. I am very grateful for this as it helped me understand how the company functions as a whole.

Start / Goal


Working in an Office Environment

My tasks in the marketing department included conducting research into companies that have visited the Wolfestone website and also writing some blogs regarding the Brexit situation and an e-commerce blog that highlights how important e-commerce is for expanding companies. My main project, however, was to carry out some competitor research about translation companies in the Middle East. As a native Arabic speaker, I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment. Although I found this task interesting to work on, it required a lot of dedication with great attention to detail. In hindsight, these responsibilities have helped me to improve my time management and organisational skills.

When supporting the accounts department, I was allocated tasks such as supporting them with translator payments and updating client’s information. In addition to this, I was required to analyse bank statements to determine the costs of purchases and income received. Working in this department requires concentration and consistency as dealing with a company’s finances is a big responsibility. As an accounting student, I also used this opportunity to ask members of staff, who are very experienced in regards to general accounting, practices and advice concerning my ACCA examinations.


Project management was the third and final department that I worked in. Although I spent the least amount of time in this department, I found it very interesting and I had the chance to practise my language skills. As a fluent Arabic speaker, I was able to review Arabic test translations and provide the team with the English translation so that they could later use it as a reference when correcting freelance translators. It is not often that I can shift back and forth between Arabic and English, and this has helped me to remember some forgotten rules in Arabic writing, such as the correct way of structuring sentences and the accurate use of accents. Working in this department has improved my communication skills as there have been a few instances where my Arabic language skills proved to be useful.

My Experience

My time at Wolfestone so far has helped give me valuable insight and experience into a professional work environment, and has given me confidence that I could succeed in day-to-day business life. In retrospect, this was one of my objectives at the beginning of the internship and therefore it was very satisfying to have peace of mind that I understand how the real world of work operates.

I am currently half way through my 10-month placement and it has been very enjoyable, a balance of friendly staff and work environments in which I could use my skills to benefit the team make it a very unique experience.

My work colleagues are extremely helpful and outgoing, which makes it much easier to be part of the team. I also had the pleasure of celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the company at the Marriot in Swansea. Wolfestone has supported me with improving essential organisational and time management skills. These skills will prove useful in the future when I apply for other placements and jobs.

I would recommend Wolfestone as a place to work for anyone. Whether it be an internship or a full-time job.

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by Ashley Norris

Sales & Marketing Executive at Wolfestone. Ashley Norris graduated from Aberystwyth University with a First Class Honours in Film & Television Studies. Before and during his degree, Ashley became a professional writer and experienced digital marketer across several social channels, design packages and video editing software. Ashley recently expanded his role to manage clients' accounts. Ashley is a big fan of writing, films, music, art and his bearded sausage dog, Hudson.

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