Pork SausagesBritish people love pork.

In a recent poll about our favourite things about Britain, pork appeared in the top ten three times.  Bacon sandwiches made top spot, beating classic institutions like the BBC, British History and even The Queen.

We love pork so much, that the average Briton eats 36 pigs in a lifetime.  That’s a lot of pigs.  And pork is the second most popular meat in Britain by weight, beaten only by poultry.

Rising demand for British Pork

It turns out Brits aren’t the only ones crazy about pork.  And that’s why pork exports are flying.

In Japan, pork is the most popular meat, selling more than beef and poultry combined.

Demand in other Asian countries is also good news for farmers in the UK.  Exports to China increased by over 500% in the first six months of 2013, showing that if you focus on the right market, there is a lot of growth potential.

What does this mean for other Food and Drink companies?

Well, according to the FDF there is a “huge untapped potential for boosting UK food and drink exports”.  We happen to agree.

British food and drink companies need to act now, because eventually the market will be saturated with imports from other European countries.  By getting involved now, they can take advantage of volume orders that will secure a healthy export future.

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