The broad spectrum of document translation services can encapsulate a multitude of language translation needs including legal and commercial contracts, technical documentation, marriage documents and all kinds of certificate translation, and even tattoo translation. We aim to deliver your translation in the quickest time possible, while remaining faithful to a high standard of work.

Obviously, as with any industry, there is a corresponding relationship between time and quality. You can build a house in weeks or even days, but how long will that house last? Would you go to sea in a boat that had been knocked together quickly? Would you rather trust a lift (or elevator for our friends across the Atlantic!) that the manufacturer told you they could fit quickly or one that the manufacturer told you would take longer but would be safe?

At Wolfestone we always aim to work within the deadlines of our clients, however you should always be aware that more time will mean that we can make more thorough quality checks.

Of course, the turnaround time will depend on what length and type of document you would like translated, so below we have compiled some guidelines on when you can expect your translation to be delivered.

The following is a good guide:

Good translation takes time, exactly as good original writing takes time. If you’ve spent 2 weeks writing your document, will an overnight translation really do your work justice? We think not.

A translation with one main translator is preferable to splitting a translation between several translators, splitting will reduce the time required to carry out the project but may introduce consistency or continuity discrepancies.

A good translator can produce around 2500-3000 words of high quality work per day.

Always allow some time for us to quality check your work thoroughly.

Highly technical or complex work will take longer than standard work as often additional research and terminology checking will be required.

So, if you have a 10,000 word document to be translated then a good translator can do this in about 4 days. Add a day or two if it is legal, technical or complex. Add another day or two for thorough quality checking. Therefore a 10,000 word translation to high quality standards will take around 7-9 days to produce. Having your translation quicker than that is not a problem but you should be aware that the work produced MAY not be as high a quality translation as we would normally deliver.

Wolfestone will always strive to deliver your translation to your deadlines and with as high quality as we possibly can. We respect our clients too much not to warn you of the constraints we may be under delivering to tighter deadlines.

To help us deliver you a quality translation there are some success criteria you should consider for every translation project. Please take some time to read the guidelines – click here.

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