I finished my Bachelor´s degree for Translation and Interpreting in July 2009, after four years of intensive language learning and a lot of translating and interpreting work I thought the logical step would be to immerse myself in the practical side of translation and apply for the Leonardo DaVinci scholarship.  It is good to be trained on the theoretical aspects of a certain field of knowledge, but nobody ever teaches you the reality of an everyday job and that is what I needed next.

It wasn´t difficult to apply for the internship at Wolfestone Translation: I found an advertisement at the Europlacement website and from there onwards they made the application procedure easy and convenient. It has only been a week and I am already sure of having chosen the correct means to my goal.

The experience has been very valuable so far, and I have felt comfortable in the working environment since the very beginning. The team is really friendly, and the multicultural and young staff made my first days very instructive and pretty entertaining! At the office, I have been assigned with many different jobs of a diverse nature, which prooves that the team really appreciate my commitment to the job.

I have felt like one  of the team, and have enjoyed the challenging tasks I have been assigned since the very first day. Honestly, I thought that the internship would be a thorough guide, step by step, to the basics of translation and their daily implementation. It hasn´t been like that but even better: I have been taught how to do things by my own means and gained experience, which is challenging and very useful. Furthermore, it is really rewarding to get involved in the work environment and its own dynamics and achieve certain goals –meet deadlines, improve my writing skills, etc.-. The sincere dedication to their tasks makes you want to learn from them (and as fast as you can) so they´re not only being encouraging but also motivating!

What´s more, the labour dynamics here are well organized and professional which, at the same time implies the job being pretty demanding. Fortunately, my tutor, Emma, has explained to me in detail what everyone´s role within the company is and has given me helpful advice on how I should do my job. In only a week´s time I can say that I have not only put into practice my translation skills but also got to learn the dynamics of a business, the importance of the work environment being relaxed and motivating and of course, practiced my English. What more could I ask for after a single week of placement?

Maria Sáez,


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