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Find out how you can benefit from the most technologically advanced interpretation service available with our free webinar on April 19, 11am.

During the webinar you will learn how you are a couple of clicks away from an interpreter no matter when, where or what language as over 200 are supported.

Some of the benefits of this technology are:

  • Instant, simple and easy to use from any device.
  • 24/7 access to a network of interpreters in over 200 languages.
  • Reduced interpreting costs as there are no travel costs or similar.
  • No lengthy planning stage; calls connected within one minute.
  • Reduces risks of missed appointments by interpreter.
  • Our interpreters are 100% fluent in their supported language.

Sign up now for the webinar on April 19, 11am, and see how this could benefit you or your institution.

Join our webinar on April 19, 11am.