Are you searching for a solution to manage your ever-growing professional translation and localisation workload?

Whether there’s an urgent deadline that you need to meet or you’re struggling to fulfill a client’s specific needs, Wolfestone’s team of pioneering Language Service Providers (LSP) are eager to discuss how we can help optimise and co-ordinate your professional language services workflow.

Our breadth of expertise and agile approach enables Wolfestone to work across all sectors, spanning legal, technical, medical, marketing and advertising, entertainment, IT and more, to tailor solutions to your very language and digital requirements.

What’s more, with an unparalleled pool of linguists worldwide, you can be sure that we have access to a linguist that has the skills, experience and language pair that you require.

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Our Language Service Provider (LSP) Team

Not only does our talented LSP team possess the project management prowess to deliver consistent and quality results, it also boasts an impressive multilingual capacity and knowledge. Fluent in Spanish, Italian and French, and with academic backgrounds encompassing Translation, Linguistics and English Language, LSP work constructively and collaboratively with clients all over Europe and beyond.

Our Language Service Providers team boasts a dedicated in-house localisation service, specialising in a wide range of English language variants, including Canadian English, British English, Australian English, New Zealand English, U.S. English and more. LSP is comprised of experienced, hands-on language experts that can manage a localisation project from start to finish. As well as localisation, the team can also provide monolingual revision, subtitling and editing services for various English locales.

Why Choose Us?

  • Total project management. As industry experts, we understand your clients as well as we understand the demanding workload of PMs. You can trust our dedicated LSP team to micromanage and co-ordinate your projects for you and successfully see them through until completion, taking away the stress and hassle from your team. We’ll take care of every detail from beginning to end, such as preparing your files for CAT tools or formatting your documents via our DTP service.
  • High-quality is a given. We are fully ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 compliant, proving that we do not compromise when it comes to quality. Furthermore, we carry out all quality assurance checks in-house to guarantee consistency.
  • Confidentiality is fundamental to our work. We take confidentiality seriously and are fully committed to complying with the applicable Data Protection laws.
  • We pride ourselves on flexibility. We are always ready to take on urgent projects and, with access to thousands of linguists worldwide, we can work ad hoc with almost any language pair you can think of – even those that are more difficult to place.
  • We have proven results. We boast a number of recurring clients who return to us for our quality, professionalism and customer service.
  • We value innovation. We carry out our work in over 10 different CAT tools, including Trados, Memsource, Smartling, Passolo, XTM and Catalyst, which means we can adapt to any workflow and software technologies you need.
  • Unparalleled customer service. As friendly as they are effective, the LSP team are customer-focused and provide a tailored service for all our clients.
  • Unbeatable efficiency. We understand that time is one of your most precious resources. When you entrust us with your localisation projects, you can rest assured that you’ll be saving valuable time whilst a team of experts oversee every step of your project
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Our MTPE Service
For clients who demand a faster, more cost-efficient service, we offer a MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing) service.

Though Wolfestone has been offering this MTPE service for several years, we’re now also offering MTPE for other language service providers who may require support with fulfilling their clients’ needs or meeting urgent deadlines.

We can either work on the MT output provided by the client, or provide you with the MT output ourselves. Why risk missing important deadlines or compromising on quality when we can take the excess workload off your hands?

What can we localise?

Here is just a small selection of the kind of projects we specialise in.

Language Adaptation: We manage all kinds of localisation pairs, such as enUS to enGB or frFR to frCA, as well as translation for country-specific purposes.

Specialised Sectors: No sector is too niche or specialised for our LSP team. In fact, we have a breadth of experience working with technical, legal and medical content in particular. We are proud to work with highly-specialised providers who can bring their unique expertise to each project.

Websites: Every year we translate and localise hundreds of websites of every project type. We can work from Word Documents and HTML files, as well as fully integrating to the CMS system and updating it in context.

Software: We can adapt software products (apps, user interfaces) to the specific export market, thereby ensuring the product has the maximum impact.

Multimedia: We offer a wide range of services for multimedia products (voice over, eLearning, subtitling, videos) to ensure that messaging is culturally sensitive and country specific.

How can we help? Get in touch with our friendly team today or email to discuss your needs.