West Wales Exporters Association Event held at Hydro Industries Wolfestone’s Co-founder Anna Bastek and Marketing Director Prab Chadha organised an event for West Wales Exporters Association (of which Anna is the Vice Chairman) at Hydro Industries on Wednesday 24th June for their monthly seminar. It was an excellent turnout and the topic for the morning was ‘Manufacturing and supply chain issues regarding exporting’.

The seminar was held by Wayne Preece, the Group Chief Executive of the ground-breaking Hydro Industries, where the event was hosted. Accompanying him was Chris Williams, the Development Director at Tidal Energy Ltd. and Chartered Civil Engineer with over 20 years in experience.

It was another successful morning for all involved.

Hydro Industries topped Wales’s Fast Growth 50 in 2014, after an exponential revenue growth of 762.2% between 2011 and 2013. As stated by the company, clean water is a limited natural resource essential for life and economic growth, but many regions do not have access to this necessity. Hydro Industries have dedicated themselves to helping erase this problem in a world population that is expected to double over the next 20 years, the demand is going to expand with it. Clean water is not as simple as the privilege we receive it seems.

Further than providing clean drinking water for all, Hydro Industries also help create more effective and sustainable treatment technology that recycles water, recover previous metals and manages pollution from industries such as mining and construction. Their overall goal is to become the innovative leader in fresh water, water treatment and pollution management solutions.

Tidal Energy Ltd. are an innovative tidal stream technology that utilises the sea’s tides to provide a sustainable source of renewable energy. In a world increasingly aware of oil’s finite supply, Tidal Energy seek to produce environmentally friendly solutions to the energy crisis that is looming. The company also prides themselves on their focus on ease, efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

by Wolfestone Admin

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