International Translation DaySeptember 30th is International Translation Day, and Wolfestone staff will be celebrating by learning new languages.

International Translation Day has been celebrated since 1953, and is now in its 60th year.  The day, promoted by the International Federation of Translators, celebrates translation and its positive impact in an increasingly global world.

Wolfestone is the biggest translation company in Wales, and its 30 plus staff will be celebrating by learning 50 new words in a language they don’t yet speak.

A new campaign launched this month urges UK people to learn 1,000 words in a new language to help improve the economic prospects of the UK, and Wolfestone was glad to lead the way for the local area.

Director Anna Bastek said:

“Languages are so important to the long-term future of the UK economy.  Even in Sweden, where English is generally well-spoken, 80% of customers prefer to buy products presented in their language.  If we want to grow through exports, languages are key”

The company, which is launching a “learn 50 words campaign” for its staff, is also encouraging local people to get involved.  You can find details of how to pledge to learn 50 words of a new language here:

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