Case Study Aecom

Intro: Wolfestone provides translations to Aecom, a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government.

AECOM delivers program and construction management services to clients around the world – from project concept to completion and commissioning, creating innovative and practical building engineering designs.

Business Objective: The global nature of Aecom’s business means they have required our services on numerous occasions, typical translation assignments for Aecom have been translating from English into another European language and included:

Tender applications
Design specifications
Technical drawings
Construction manuals
Health & Safety Documentation
Certified translations
All of which have been translation from English into another European language.

What we did: Accuracy and timely delivery of translations was very important to Aecom, in certain situations translations had to be completed with all possible speed, but without compromising on quality. We relished the challenge as these are the situations that allow us to distinguish ourselves and excel.

Construction/Engineering translation and manuals must be accurate and can include precise and detailed figures and instructions. Translations must, therefore, be expertly reviewed and checked to ensure the accuracy of the target document.

Construction/Engineering translation is a specialised skill, we invested a lot of time recruiting our translators to ensure they had the required experience in the appropriate area of engineering; they also had the qualifications in their relevant specialisation i.e Civil Engineering, Military Engineering. This was very important as it ensured that the terminology with the documents remained accurate in the target language.

Investment in technology has given us cutting edge software, enabling us to store key phrases and constructed sentences to give consistent translation every time. As the project progressed, we rapidly built up a client approved glossary, terminology database and Translation Memory, enabling the swiftest, most accurate and consistent work possible.  The benefit to our client Aecom was that the translations were delivered ahead of schedule and also under budget.

Results: Our on time and accurate technical translation initially of French to English and after completion of the forms from English to French allowed Aecom to bid on and become successful in a tender process to build an amphitheater.

Wolfestone is the trusted supplier of global energy and engineering companies all over the world.