Case Study BYG Systems

Intro: BYG Systems specialises in the delivery of bespoke e-learning solutions for large blue chip organisations across a variety of sectors and industries.  This case study relates to Vodafone, one of the biggest clients of BYG.

Business Objective: Vodafone needed to educate their employees about health and safety procedures. They wanted to deliver a very important message by telling the true story of a former call centre manager who decided to use a new transportation supplier without checking the health and safety procedures. This unfortunately resulted in the death of one of their employees.

The client needed the message to be translated and also recorded in an audio format for easy access for their staff.

The client requested the voiceover to be recorded in an emotionally sad voice.

What We Did: Wolfestone arranged a phone call between the client and the voiceover artist to explain to the artist exactly how they needed the script recorded; the client felt that this gave them the edge they needed for delivering this important message – saving lives is far more important than saving money or time!

Wolfestone’s professional sound engineers recorded and edited the voiceover within a couple of days using its state of theart equipment and software. The recording was delivered in .wav format.

Results: Wolfestone provided 25% savings to the client thanks to the use of their own professional recording studio and using local voiceover artists which resulted in further cost savings on travel expenses. As a result the timescales were reduced.

Thanks to Wolfestone’s professional translation and voiceover services the client was extremely happy with the results and the quality of the voiceover artist who delivered the message, hopefully now every manager and employee at Vodafone will follow the correct Health & Safety Procedures and think twice before putting anyone’s life at risk.