Case Study Entap

Intro: Investment firm Platina Partners LLP specialises in renewable energy infrastructure projects, with a particular focus on wind and solar energy.  Their projects are pan-European and necessitate communication in many languages.

Entap is the specialist engineering company that oversees the technical validation, construction and operation of most of Platina’s renewable energy assets.

Entap provides independent technical and operational expertise to ensure effective delivery, improved performance and reduced risk.

Business Objective: The acquisition of 10MW of solar photovoltaic projects in France placed considerable importance on the company’s relationship with the French construction firm.  This was their first operational plant in France, and formed an important link in the company’s chain of renewable energy projects across Europe.  Effective communication with key partners was required at every stage of the process.

What we did: Wolfestone provided a specialised translation service to Entap to enable smooth and effective communication with their French partner.  From the outset, we recognised that an understanding of the technical and cultural nuances of language would add value for both parties.  Having developed a network of translators well versed in the energy sector, we were expertly equipped to provide technical translations relating to this specific construction project. In addition, our experience with the legal sector enabled us to provide highly complex legal translations from French to English and vice versa for all their contractual work.

Translations had to be completed with all possible speed, but without compromising on quality.  We relished the challenge: these are the situations that allow us to distinguish ourselves.  Investment in technology has given us cutting edge software, enabling us to store key phrases and constructed sentences to give consistent translation every time. As the project progressed, we rapidly built up a client approved glossary, terminology database and Translation Memory, enabling the swiftest, most accurate and consistent work possible Just as importantly, investment in people has given us a Project Management team who are all professionally accredited by the Association of Project Management and/or Prince2.

The benefit to our client Entap was that the translations were delivered ahead of schedule and also under budget.

Results: Our team applied their talent, commitment and proven ability to perform under pressure to Entap’s requirements. The client’s dealings with their French partner progressed smoothly and the successful acquisition of their first operational plant in France went ahead as planned.  By applying cutting edge technology and high quality human resources, we helped the client achieve exactly what they set out to achieve.

We believe in going the extra mile for our clients.  We’re now well into the second decade of the twenty first century.  Information technology has opened countless doors and helped to make the world smaller.