Case study Micro-Macinazione

Intro: Micro-Macinazione SA was established in 1970, and is now Europe’s leading micronizer of bulk ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry.

Micro-Macinazione works closely with the foremost multinational pharmaceutical industries, taking an active part from the early development stages of a new project through to, and including, industrial production.

Business Objective: Micro-Macinazione sell their equipment to clients throughout Europe. To ensure that the equipment is fully understood and used correctly by the end user, they need to translate their various user manuals in to their clients’ native language.

Failure to translate these highly complex, technical manuals accurately could lead to incorrect usage of their equipment, leading to customer dissatisfaction, complaints and the possibility of losing further business.

Quote from Micro-Macinazione Project Manager:

“It is very important for us that our manuals are translated quickly and accurately. In the past, we have used other, cheaper, translation companies that did not translate our manuals to the standard required. This led to the customer returning the manuals to us as they were unusable. We then had to have the manuals translated again, leading to delays of around a month in the project and a dissatisfied customer.”

What we did: As the documents were highly specialised, we ensured that they were translated by a fully qualified linguist, who also had an expertise and understanding of the industry terms and phrases used by Micro-Macinazione and their clients. This meant that the translation we provided met the needs of both Micro-Macinazione and their client, leading to a successful project completion and a satisfied customer.

Quote from Project Manager:

“Wolfestone were very efficient to deal with. They understood the need to have accurate translations and the quality of the work provided was second to none. Our client is very happy with the result.”

“They were able to do this within a very short timeframe, and even managed to deliver the document back quicker than expected.”

“I would certainly recommend Wolfestone to anyone that needs to have highly technical documents translated quickly and accurately.”