Based in South Wales, Pobl Group provides care and support services to over 9,000 people, helping them to live happy and independent lives.

Pobl also manages over 16,000 high-quality homes and is currently working in partnership with commercial enterprises to make housing more affordable across Wales.

Wolfestone provided Pobl Group with a bespoke, value-for-money service, tailored to their specific needs. We’re delighted that we could support them with streamlining their translation projects, boosting overall efficiency and ensuring they fulfil any changes in the Welsh Language Standards policy.


What did Pobl Group require from Wolfestone and what challenges did you face when looking for language service providers?

Pobl is a not-for-profit organisation so value for money is key to any new contract or service we procure. We needed a provider that could offer a good price for a service which we can use as and when we need it.

As a business, what were you looking for in your language services provider?

We needed to ensure that the provider was able to give us a good standard of Welsh translation with the option of including other languages as needed. We have Welsh speakers in our organisation but there’s no ‘standard’ to which they can translate, so their translations aren’t consistent. Also, we needed a service that was more personal in terms of being able to talk directly to the translator to help them understand our needs, which can differ from translation of a single sentence to whole documents in different formats.

Why did you decide to choose Wolfestone as your language partner? How did we stand out against competitors?

Wolfestone was willing to make changes to handle our business in a unique way. At the time we needed an agreement to ensure the small pieces of translation, such as tweets and job titles, could be grouped together for billing purposes. We have a specific budget for Welsh translation and a procurement system that can sometimes be very difficult to order through, so raising an order for each translation was a trial. Wolfestone was able to offer us a monthly billing charge that worked for us, reducing the need for that ‘retainer’ that other companies required when there would sometimes be months that we’d have virtually nothing for translation.

Wolfestone has also consistently worked with us on things like GDPR implementation and Welsh Language Standards obligations where changes in policy and law have had an impact on our translation needs.

How did Pobl approach translation before this? What could Wolfestone offer as an alternative solution or unique service?

Our biggest issue: the size of our organisation means that staff are sourcing translations from different people all the time. Wolfestone is our only official framework supplier, and as a Comms team we try to ensure people are using Wolfestone for their translation needs.

What benefits have you experienced since using our language services?

We have a more streamlined way of dealing with all Welsh translations. We noticed that Welsh and other language translations are two different things for us as a business.


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