Case Study Quantum CAD

Intro: We recently helped one of our clients (Quantum CAD – a specialist electronics design company) to increase their overseas sales by 35%.

Business Objective: The client approached us because they were attending a trade show in Germany, and needed their promotional materials translated into French, German, Italian and Dutch.

What We Did: We advised the client that transcreation would be the most appropriate route, because many of the marketing concepts contained in their promotional material only worked in the English language.

This involved not just factual translation, but the recreation of the message so it carried the same emotive impact in the target languages.  The translation was recreated by industry professionals who were familiar with the target audience and industry terminology.

Results: In the six months after the trade show Quantum CAD saw a 142% increase in enquiries from mainland Europe compared to the previous six months, and a 35% growth in sales.  This was largely because of the new contacts they established, as well as two key customers the client met at the trade show.

The client had previously gone to trade shows with English promotional materials, and by making a cultural commitment to the overseas markets he convinced new customers that they were the right partner.

This story is typical of the success that many of our customers have enjoyed this past year by making use of transcreation, showing an understanding for the culture of their target market.