Case Study Wow Toys

Intro:  Wow Toys produce battery free toys for the UK market and beyond.  They engaged Wolfestone as partners in a localisation project for the German market.

Business Objective:  The brand planned to export their products to Germany through suppliers and retailers.  In order to engage the mindset of German consumers, the products and product names needed to evoke the same reaction in Germany as they would for UK based customers.

What We Did:  We put together a team of transcreators (creative translators) on the localisation task, to develop the brand for the German market.  Characters were renamed, so for example, Harvey Harvester became Matze Mähdrescher!

Just as Matze Mähdrescher doesn’t convey “cute toy” to us, the same can be said for Harvey Harvester in the German market.  On this basis the name was changed, to make it appeal to the German market on an emotional level.


What they said:

“We were really pleased with the translation work you carried out.  Our product names are one of the things that make our brand so distinctive from other pre-school toy brands. As such, it is extremely important that we have relevant, cute-sounding product names in foreign markets. As we continue to expand our business, there is of course the scope to translate product names and descriptions into further languages”  Wow Toys’ Brand Manager, January 2013