Machine translation as illustrated with a smart phone with one language going in and coming out the other

To summarise machine translation, it is a simple substitution of words from one language to another and it works on recognition of phrases and sentences to restructure according to the new language.

Machine translation (MT) can also be referred to as automated translation, automatic or instant translation. Our sophisticated technology is individual to each client, allowing yourself to build up a bank of personalised translations in a secure network.

How does Wolfestone's machine translation work?
What are the uses for machine translation?
Machine Translation FAQ and most common uses

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Our Machine Translation service levels

We have updated our services to be more comprehensive of your requirements. That is why we can offer our machine translation service in several levels to accommodate your needs, budgets and, most importantly, the final quality.

Below is a summary of our four service levels:

Machine Translation service
Machine Translation with monolingual post-editing
Machine Translation with bilingual post-editing
Machine Translation Enterprise

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