The pharmaceutical industry is one of the leading global industries that continues to grow year-by-year. In comparison, the worldwide pharmaceutical market has increased from $390.2bn in 2001 to an annual revenue of $1.072tn in 2015. [1] With its impressive growth this millennium, pharmaceutical translation services have never been more important.

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Much like in the legal sector, language plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry. Expansion can only be achieved through effective communication, requiring a reliable translation partner that can deliver on-time and on-budget. There is no room for ambiguity or mistranslation as an inaccurate translation can cause irreparable, costly consequences.

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Wolfestone has established relationships with pharmaceutical companies like Vifor Pharma.

“We were completely happy with your extraordinary and perfectly timely services and translations, which were of tremendous help to us in a project of great importance. The volume Wolfestone managed to cover was strictly extraordinary.” (Katja Nüesch, Vifor Pharma)

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High-quality pharmaceutical translation can only be achieved by utilising specialists with a minimum of five years of industry experience and relevant higher-learning qualifications. Wolfestone only uses industry experts. Each linguist is vetted through our multiple-step selection process and subject to continued quality assurance tests by our vendor management team. Our quality assurance process contains tests, ratings and quality spot-checks.

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[1] Statista’s Global Pharmaceutical Industry – Statistics & Facts (2016)