Why website translation services?

Did you know? Only 25% of the internet is English speaking, and if you translate your website into 11 languages you are able to access 84% of internet users.

People tend to search in their own language, and 56% of overseas customers say language is more important than price. This is only one of the main reasons why many UK companies require our fast and effective website translation services. Taking the time to translate your website content can open your business up to a worldwide potential customer base.

website translation services

Choosing a website translation company

Choosing a supplier for your website translation services is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your international marketing plan. How can you ensure quality, while looking after your budget?

For a start, you need to consider whether the company also offers multilingual SEO, to help you gain organic visitors in your new global market. Does the company you are considering have the relevant expertise in international online marketing?

website translation services

How website translation services work

Whether you want to supply us with a Word Document, HTML files or you want us to fully integrate to your CMS system and update it in context, we are able to cater to all your website translation services needs.

We have a strong team of website translatorswith a background and experience in marketing, to ensure impact and results. Our translators all have at least 4 years of sector specific translation experience and industry relevant qualifications. This way we ensure you the ultimate quality in website translation services that you can rely on.

website translation services

Every year we translate hundreds of sites, from simple brochure website to complex global projects. We’ve recently completed work for Mercedes and Unilever, as well as a large number of UK and internationally based SMEs.

Some of our customers have limited budget, and we advise them to first translate their top language pages, and reinvesting the profits in the rest of the site after. This is a strategy that has worked really well for many clients, and helps them target new markets for just a few hundred pounds.

website translation services

We won’t just translate your website, but localise it too

A new study from OC&C Strategy Consultants suggests UK retailers could potentially achieve overseas online revenues of £28bn by 2020. With figures of that magnitude, it’s important to get the tone and content exactly right. We’ll advise you whether the images ought to be changed and whether your slogans are appropriate for your target market.

For markets which require a high level of persuasion and impact we sometimes recommend transcreation, a service which essentially means your content is rewritten to preserve impact and evoke a certain reaction.