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Are you looking for an Indonesian translation services provider for your English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English translation needs?
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UKTI estimates that by 2030 Indonesia will be the fifth largest economy in the world. Over the last 10 years the country has grown at a steady 5-6%. In particular a growing Indonesian middle class, a strong domestic consumption and a status as the largest economy in South East Asia make exporting to Indonesia for British businesses very attractive.

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Doing business and becoming a trusted partner takes time in Indonesia, but the country offers great business potential for those companies who are prepared to invest the required time. Some of the big British retailers like M&S, Next, Debenhams, TopShop, Ted Baker and Mothercare are already showing a presence on the Indonesian archipelago.

Types of translation

We offer our Indonesian translation services for legal documents, websites, financial reports and a lot more. Click on the icons if you want to find out more about the types of translations we support.


Why choose Wolfestone as your Indonesian Translation Services Provider?

For organisations ranging from SMEs to Corporates, Wolfestone undertakes Indonesian translation projects every year.  Clients choose Wolfestone as Indonesian translation services provider because of the quality and service, and many of our clients have been our partners for several years.

There are over 500 different languages in Indonesia, which is why we make sure that your translation is localised for the purpose you require. Our native Indonesian translators cover the spectrum of Indonesian dialects and have the relevant cultural insight that will ensure your message is understood.

About Indonesia and the Indonesian language

Stats about the Indonesian language which highlight the need for Indonesian translation services
Ranked as the world’s largest island country, Indonesia covers a chain of 17,000 islands between Asia and Australia with a population of 263.51 million. Its capital, Jakarta, is the most populous city in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is the 15th largest economy in the world by nominal GDP where both the private sector and government play significant roles. Examples of Indonesia’s major trading partners are Japan, United States and China.

Ethnically it is highly diverse, with more than 300 local languages, with Indonesian being the official language of the country. It is an Austronesian language spoken by the majority of the population, making it one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Most Indonesian are fluent in any of more than 700 indigenous local languages, with some examples including Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese.

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