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Are you looking for a language services provider for your Latin translation needs? Wolfestone has the experience and quality you’d expect from a company that chairs its trade body.

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Wolfestone has a lot of experience translating documents from English into Latin and Latin into English, for a variety of sectors, but mainly academic.

All our Latin speaking translators, have at least four years’ experience in translation and where relevant, have sector specific academic qualifications.

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Why choose Wolfestone for your Latin translations?

Wolfestone regularly undertakes Latin translation projects.  Clients choose Wolfestone because of the quality and service, and many of our clients have been our partners for many years.

With experience in Latin document translation Wolfestone is well placed to help you achieve your communication objectives.

About the Latin language

Latin Translation Services

Latin is a classical Indo-European language in the Italic group and ancestral to the Modern Romance languages. Originally spoken by small groups of people living along the lower Tiber River, the language spread with the increase of Roman political power. The modern Romance languages developed from the spoken Latin of various parts of the Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages and until recently, Latin was widely used in the West for scholarly and literary purposes. Although Latin isn’t spoken regularly today, it has exerted a major influence on many living languages.

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