Are you looking for a language partner for your Nordic language translations? With over 10 years’ experience as Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Icelandic translation services provider, Wolfestone is well placed to help you with your language requirements for the Nordics.

Map of Nordic countries
Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish are the most commonly spoken languages in the Nordics. They are amongst the most complex languages in the world, therefore experience and know-how are essential when translating to or from one of these languages.

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Types of Nordic language translations

We offer our translation services for the Nordic countries for legal documents, websites or medical reports and a lot more. Click on the icons if you want to find out more about the different types of translations we support.

Why choose Wolfestone as your translation service provider for the Nordic countries?

At Wolfestone, we want you to engage with your clients effectively and our competitive quotes can make your content distinctive compared to your competitors. Since 2006, we have translated many documents, reports and websites into Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish. Our localisation and SEO consultancy services are specifically designed to give you all you need to adapt your content for these markets.

Our most frequently requested languages from the Nordic countries are Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish.

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Are you looking for a language provider for your Danish translation service’s needs? Wolfestone has the experience and quality you’d expect from a company that chairs its trade body.

About Danish:
Danish is the official language of Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Danish is also spoken in the region of Southern Schleswig in northern German, where it holds minority language status.

Searching for a Finnish translation services provider?
Wolfestone has worked with a range of clients on Finnish language projects across all document types.

About Finnish:
Finnish is the official language of Finland where 90% of the population speak it. Other Finnish-speaking populations exist in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Brazil, the USA and Canada.

Clients choose Wolfestone as Norwegian translation services partner because of the quality and service, and many of our clients have been our partners for many years.

About Norwegian:
Norwegian is a North Germanic language and is the official language of Norway. It has approximately 4 million speakers in Norway and an additional one million speakers outside of Norway.

Are you looking for a language services provider for your Swedish translation needs? Wolfestone has the experience and quality you’d expect from a company that has been in the translation business for over 10 years.

About Swedish:
Swedish is the official language of Sweden and is spoken by the vast majority of the nine million inhabitants of the country. It is a North German language and is closely linked to its sister Scandinavian languages, Danish and Norwegian.

Projects in other Nordic languages aren’t uncommon for our team, so be sure to contact us if you require a translation for a Nordic language that is not listed here. Don’t get lost in the 14 languages that compose this incredible area, make sure your communication remains effective when translated and that those who read or hear your message do so clearly without confusion.

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About the Nordic countries and the Nordic languages

Stats about the Nordic countries which explain the need for Nordic language translations
The Nordic countries are a group of nations located in Northern Europe and united by similar traditions and way of life, as well as by many centuries of shared history. They consist of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, together with their associated territories.

Their languages were prevented from spreading on a world scale due to the fact that they have little colonial history. They are however rich in dialects and local variants. In Norway, for example, a national spoken Norwegian language has not yet been officially sanctioned by the government.

The Nordic countries are among the strongest in Europe for economic stability and their macroeconomic performance in the last ten years has been amongst the best in the Western world. With the highest GDPs per capita in the eurozone, their economy is slowly shifting from the manufacturing industry to the service sector. The Nordic countries are also one of the main power producers in the world, both in the oil and gas sector and in the renewable energies sector.

These nations offer an abundance of opportunities for the British markets, and a high-quality language service is fundamental to reach their customer base on a local level.

Get in touch for more information on our Nordic language translations.

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