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Are you looking for a Polish translation services provider for your Polish language needs? Wolfestone can help get your message across to your target market at home and abroad.

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With experience in Polish document translation, Polish interpreting and Polish localisation, we are well placed to help you achieve your business and communication objectives.

polish translation services

Types of translation

We offer our Polish translation services for legal documents, websites, financial reports and a lot more. Click on the icons if you want to find out more about the types of translations we support.


Why choose Wolfestone as your Polish Translation Services?

Wolfestone’s co-founder Anna Bastek has a profound knowledge of the Polish market, as a Polish native. She is joined by a professional team of in-house Polish linguists. They are at hand to ensure your projects are handled to a high standard and that the messages work for the target market.

For organisations ranging from SMEs to corporates, Wolfestone undertakes hundreds of Polish translation projects every year. Our experience includes translating slogans for branding work to legal documents for local authorities.

We also offer a UK-exclusive telephone interpreting service which is widely appreciated by our customers. Whether you want to set an appointment or need a quick exchange of information, our interpreting service is on-hand to help. Simply download the app or access the service via desktop and you can be connected with a native, experienced Polish linguist in under a minute – whenever and wherever you need it.

polish translation services

About Poland and the Polish language

Image of Old Warsaw accompanied with the text: "50 Million+ Polish speakers; 800,000 Polish UK residents; eCommerce growth of 25% per annum."
Polish is part of the Lechitic subgroup of West Slavic Languages used throughout Poland and Polish minorities in other countries. There is estimated to be over 50 million Polish speakers worldwide with around half a million speakers in the UK and there are also large communities in Argentina, Australia, the US and Russia as well as other countries.

Poland has a population of around 39 million people although the number of Polish people is said to be much higher than this due to migration from the country. Around 831,000 Poles live in the UK making them the largest foreign-born group in the country and the Polish language is the 3rd most spoken language in the UK behind English and Welsh.

eCommerce is said to be thriving in Poland with the market growing at around 25% year on year. Its economy is the largest of the former Eastern Bloc members in the European Union and the 6th largest in the EU as whole. It is classified as a high-income country by the World Bank.

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