Brazilian Portuguese Translation Services

Do you trade with Brazil and require a professional, reliable Brazilian Portuguese translation services provider? Wolfestone is an award-winning language company who fulfils your language requirements.

brazilian portuguese translation services offer huge trading potentials with Rio

Brazil is the world’s sixth largest economy with a potential to become the most dominant economy by 2050. Over the last 4 years the country saw an average growth of 3.4% GDP. It is also the biggest economy in South America and often seen as gateway to trade successfully with neighboring countries.

brazilian portuguese translation services

A strong industrial, business and consumer base along with a sustainable period of growth and a European culture make the country a perfect place for UK companies to do business with. UK companies like Rolls Royce, BG Group, Shell, BP, JCB, Rexam and Experian already operate successfully in Brazil. You could join them by targeting this emerging economy.

Why choose us as your Brazilian Portuguese Translation Services Provider?

Wolfestone have a lot of experience translating documents, recording voiceovers and providing interpreters from English into Brazilian Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese into English for a variety of different sizes of businesses and sectors. In preparation for the World Cup 2014 we’ve helped more than 50 companies translating their PR and advertising material including website, blog and social media translations.

brazilian portuguese translation services

All our Brazilian Portuguese speaking translators and interpreters are carefully vetted, have at least four years experience in translation and where relevant, have sector specific academic qualifications. We only work with professional linguists who have a proven track record in the translation industry. This enables us to fully understand our clients’ needs and build up long-lasting customer relationships.

About Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world by population (190 million). It is also one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Brazil is already a big thriving market and does have the potential to become one of the most influential economies in the future.

brazilian portuguese translation services

Brazilian Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. It is spoken by approximately 200 million inhabitants of Brazil and by a few million Brazilian emigrants in the United States, Paraguay, Japan, Portugal and Argentina.

The trading relationship between the UK and Brazil goes back over 200 years. According to the UKTI the bilateral trade in goods is worth £5.1 billion. UK exports to Brazil have grown by 20% over the last 4 years, reaching £2.5 billion in 2013. Top on the list of UK exports to Brazil are machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics and beverages.