Multilingual DTP Services

You’ve spent weeks and possibly months getting the layout of your company literature or technical manuals right.  When you translate into another language you need to consider whether text will expand or contract. This depends on the language.

When translating English to Japanese, text can expand by up to 60%.  Meanwhile English to Finnish can contract by up to 30%. Whereas in Arabic, text reads right to left, meaning everything shifts over to the right. This can have a huge impact on design.

What this means is that you need to consider layout of your documents, to ensure impact and readability.  When you don’t speak the language this can be difficult and time consuming.  You need to consider the sentence flow and grammatical structures, and how these affect impact.

Wolfestone has multilingual DTP specialists on hand to work with our translation team.  Their job is to ensure your translated content looks as as good as it did in the original language, and reads just as impactfully.  Our aim is to get your documents to a stage where they are print-ready.

Multilingual DTP Services shown on a magazine

Why Choose Wolfestone for your Multilingual DTP Project?

Our highly skilled designers are used to working closely with professional linguists, to address any idiosyncrasies and communicate your message in its correct cultural context.  We’ve worked on DTP projects for a variety of clients, from yacht brochures to really technical manuals for manufacturers of power tools.

What really sets us apart is our experience in localisation and the full-service approach.  We will discuss with you the appropriateness of images and layouts for specific markets.  And for some projects we have dealt directly with printers, who aren’t always used to working with documents in different multilingual formats, such as Arabic brochures which read right to left.

Your translated text can be delivered in almost any PC or Mac format.

Our DTP services can be used for the creation of the following:

•    Company newsletters
•    Brochures
•    Catalogues
•    Newspapers
•    User-manuals
•    Books
•    Pamphlets
•    Annual reports
•    Flyers

We use Apple Macs and PCs and work with:

    Adobe InDesign
•    Quark Xpress
•    Adobe Illustrator
•    Adobe Photoshop
•    Adobe FrameMaker