Transcription Services

Generally speaking, a transcription service involves converting live or recorded speeches into a written format. Before the golden age of  advanced technologies, audio transcription services were mostly a difficult, time-consuming job because they required a secretary to sit in a meeting and write down the speech as she heard it in shorthand.

A person doing transcription services

The advanced technology of today has simplified workflows and Wolfestone’s highly sophisticated audio transcription services works with any type of file such as CD, DVD, video and audio cassettes,  MP3, MP4, AVI, mpeg or wav. All of our 100% British transcribers are available 5 days a week.

Wolfestone’s team of skilled and experienced foreign language transcription professionals produce legal transcriptions, medical transcriptions, research transcriptions, transcriptions for market research and focus groups, etc.  Our commitment to quality has also led to us winning clients such as BYG and the BBC who, as specialists in the audio sector, have identified us as key audio translation services partners.

Your Transcription Services Specialist

For our audio transcription services we only work with the best linguists who have a minimum of 4 years transcription experience, because the importance of accuracy and attention to detail is crucial. Our clients can choose between 3 special formats for their written transcripts:

Strict Verbatim: The written target file is presented exactly as the oral source file with speech errors and repetitions still included.
Clean Verbatim: All fillers are removed to maintain the flow of the sentences. For example, “I am, hmm, not sure, hmm, if I, ehm, catch the train tonight.” Is edited to: “I am not sure if I catch the train tonight.”
Edited Verbatim: Minor edits to grammar and tenses are put in place and most stutters and false starts are removed.

We cater regularly for special requirements, such as heavy accents, noisy or corrupted audio files. Our in-house studio engineers help to enhance the quality of the tape to make the source file more legible.

If you have a video or media based project, speak to our customer service team about a quote for a time coded transcription. This is essential when you are going to need a foreign language voiceover recorded for a video, as a Russian or Arabic voiceover will be 30% longer in duration than an English version and the transcription will need to be adjusted during translation to ensure timings are correct. The sales team can also recommend our translation, transcreation and reviewing services. This is especially convenient if your finished document or project is targeted at a foreign audience. Our “all under one roof”- service has shown that it can help to reduce turnaround times by up to 30%.