Multilingual Voiceover Services

Whether you need broadcast, corporate, e-learning or any other foreign language voiceover services, Wolfestone can help.  All of our voice artists are highly talented with extensive experience in recording voiceovers for a wide range of media specific projects.

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The pace, style and tone of each voiceover is different for every type of project, some of our clients will require broadcast trained voiceover artists for commercials, whilst others require a professional soft voice with warm tones for child friendly E-learning projects.

Many clients are also selecting from our semi-professional database where we can offer extremely fast turnaround times and excellent rates.

Our Workflows

We can undertake the entire project from beginning to end. If you simply need a high quality audio recording, we can do this quickly and efficiently. However, we can also provide additional services including, video editing, motion captions, subtitling and the majority of digital multimedia production requirements.

At the start of a project we can supply a time coded transcription if you have a video or media based project before being translated by one of our highly professional language experts.

Our account managers will also recommend the importance of working with timecode and ‘picture to sync’ recordings.  This is important when translating from the source language to a target language where the length of a script can increase by up to 75%.

English to German would be a typical example of this type of timing consideration which will have an impact on the duration of a client’s video project. Our account managers will arrange for timecoded scripts to be transcreated and localised to ensure that the shortened scripts are on-message for the target audience.

Other quality checks to ensure complete customer satisfaction include agreement on pronunciation of brand names and project acronyms where specified by the client on multilingual projects.

On completion of all foreign language voiceover recordings our studio engineers will edit and arrange proof reading prior to uploading and forward the finished project in the required high quality digital format, usually mp3, wav or an aiff file.

If the voiceover project is mastered to video, distribution will normally match the original format, including video format, screen size and data rates, however, Wolfestone engineers can encode digital outputs to all popular media formats and file sizes which the customer requires for final distribution, including mp4, avi or mov files.