Wolfestone is a translation agency based in the UK, and our professional translation services include localisation and transcreation, which are essential steps if you want your business’ message to be understood and acted upon.

If you’re looking to grow your organisation, ensure your message can be understood globally and leave a lasting impression on your audience, professional translation services are vital. Translation can help you achieve your goals, no matter what sector you operate in, with accurate, effective translation and appropriate localisation.

What do professional translation services offer?

If you’re looking for your business to operate on a global scale, your message must register with a range of audiences, many of who speak different languages. Wolfestone’s translation services allow your business’ content to be accurately translated in order to meet the needs of different audiences around the world. Professional translation services can extend your reach, open up your offer to new markets and allow you to be understood the world over.

What is localisation?

Standard translation is often a direct word-for-word translation into another language, whereas localisation takes important cultural nuances and factors into account. Successful and effective localisation carefully considers the traditions, superstitions and cultural characteristics of the target market in order to create marketing collateral that resonates. 

No matter what marketing collateral you’re producing and no matter the audience you wish to speak to, localisation is key to succeeding in international markets. 

What is transcreation?

For your organisation’s message to leave a lasting impact, your intent, style, tone and context have to be understood, which is where transcreation comes in. Transcreation ensures that vital marketing components like your messaging, brand and tone of voice are maintained as they’re translated to meet the needs of your audience. This is done by taking local, cultural and linguistic considerations into account throughout the translation process. 

Transcreation is essential for any organisation that seeks to be understood by a global audience.


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What kind of content do Wolfestone translate?

Whatever sector you operate in, service you provide or audience you wish to reach, we can translate your content and help your organisation grow globally. Our team is at home working with web content, marketing collateral, documentation, multimedia and more. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and your project further.

How do professional translation services work?

We can cater our translation process to meet your needs. Whether you’re supplying us with marketing collateral, documents or a website to translate, we’ll be with you throughout the project: from first contact to final delivery of your expertly-translated content.

After exporting your content to one of our team, we will analyse your content and discuss services levels, cost, expectations and timeline with you before giving you a quote. Once this is agreed upon, we will review the project, host a kickoff meeting with you and get to work! You can get a translation quote quickly and easily through our site.

Our team of expert, industry-appropriate linguists will work on translating your content accurately and effectively. All our translators have at least 4 years of sector-specific translation experience and industry relevant qualifications, so we can provide you with reliable and high quality translation.

Once your content is translated, we undertake a thorough quality assurance check before we deliver your content back to you in the format of your choosing, ready for upload.


Organisations that use our professional translation services

Wolfestone offers award-winning professional translation services for a range of clients, including some of the UK’s best-known organisations and institutions. Our client base includes the Welsh Government, the National Health Service, Cardiff University, AXA and more. You can read our client testimonials here.

Which sectors do Wolfestone cover?

Our talented team of linguists are not only expert translators, but have industry-specific experience in a range of sectors. This means that we can translate and localise your content with a deep understanding of the language and cultural norms of your audience and years of expertise translating and localising within your industry, including: 

  • Web
  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Marketing & PR
  • Medical
  • Business
  • Financial
  • Certified (Certificates, ID, contracts, statements)
  • And more…


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Why choose Wolfestone? 

Our award-winning translation agency boasts the highest industry standards of translation and interpreting services, thanks to our team of industry-specific linguists. This allows us to translate with tremendous accuracy and localise for our clients – no matter which sector they operate in – in a timely and effective manner. The expertise of our team allows for the highest standard of translation and localisation with a quick turnaround. If you are on a particularly tight deadline, we even had a dedicated team who can help you reach your goals within a brief timeframe. 

Wolfestone proudly offers professional translation services and outstanding customer support, working closely with each and every one of our clients to understand their goals and how our services can help achieve them. We guarantee accurate translation, expert localisation, round-the-clock support and competitive rates. Not only do we offer professional translation services of the highest standard, we also ensure competitive rates and fantastic value for money. If you’d like to get a quote to see for yourself, you can do so here.

To bolster our professional translation offer and expert team of linguists, Wolfestone’s dedicated project managers ensure that our process always runs smoothly, deadlines are met and clients are well-informed throughout the process. Our project managers are a key part of our service and will be on-hand to answer any and all queries throughout the process.

We posted a 99.15% customer satisfaction rate for 2019, and would love to work with you in fulfilling your organisation’s goals of operating on a global scale. Please do get in touch to discuss your needs or ask any other questions.

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