Proofreading Services

We provide a professional proofreading service in all languages for any project type & subject. There are several reasons why you might need proofreading:

  • To ensure correct terminology.
  • To check for type errors, spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, style and grammar.
  • To check correct placement of foreign text.
  • To check if the translation reflects the original and is well written.

Reading glasses as a symbol for proofreading services

Any document that is used for wider circulation needs to be proofread before it is finished and ready. This is just as true for translations as it is for anything written in the native language. This ‘polishing’ process is very important. Our multilingual reviewers will make sure the translation matches the original while pointing out any problem areas due to cultural differences, or different legal systems.

Your Proofreading Services Partner

We carry out your proofreading using experienced practitioners in their field of work. We use translators also qualified as lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists, or any other professionals relevant to your translation, to proofread the texts produced by translators.

Alternatively, you may have a translation that only needs freshening up or you may already have your translation but you are not certain of its quality. In that case, our proofreading service can clear up any quality issues you may have and offer peace of mind.