Transcreation Services

Transcreation is more than just the translation or localisation of copy. It involves taking a message in one language and recreating the text so that it has the same emotional impact and meaning in the new language and culture. After spending a long time trying to get the marketing message right, a lot of companies destroy the message in other languages by choosing the wrong translation partner.

Transcreation captures the persuasive and emotive spirit of the original copy in the language of your choosing, and guarantees that your promotional material remains engaging, relevant and credible in any language. By making allowances for local customs and values, transcreators adjust your copy for foreign audiences who may not be conversant in the cultural nuances of the original.

Your Transcreation Services Specialist

Working alongside some of the top B2B marketing agencies across the world, Wolfestone is well positioned to work on transcreation projects for companies looking to export or for marketing companies working with international clients.

Whether you are looking for a standalone transcreation process or need a partner to support you linguistically with your process, Wolfestone can help. Our customer service team is keen to explain to you our unique transcreation processes.

A simple translation of materials may retain the brand identity, but usually dilutes the impact of the campaign. Hiring a local copy editor may deliver the local impact, but diminishes global brand control as the ad copy, content and messaging moves away from the original text.

Our process:

Transcreation Services Processes