Clinical Trials Translation Services

With an estimated 72% of clinical trials being conducted overseas by 2020, translation has never been so crucial for the industry. As a forward-thinking company, we create bespoke language solutions for the clinical trials industry.

Clinical Trials

Why Choose Us as Your Clinical Trials Translation Services Provider?

The accuracy of language is of the greatest importance in any global clinical trial. Much like the legal sector, information within the clinical trials industry relies heavily on the security of the language in contracts. Healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical translation are highly specialised disciplines, reliant on terminology and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Translation for these industries should only be carried out by suitably qualified translators.

At Wolfestone, we only ever use specialist translators who are able to demonstrate substantial experience in the clinical trials industry for your project.

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Our Specialised Clinical Trials Translation Services

We pride ourselves on our highly qualified, professional native linguists who have a wide spectrum of specialist knowledge to accommodate every translation requirement. All of which can be provided in over 200 languages.

Here’s a guide of what we can provide:

  • Medical Translation
  • Medical Interpreters
  • Medical Transcription
  • Certified Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Content Localisation
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Reviewing
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Translation Memory
  • Back Translation
  • Machine Translation (with free consultation)

    “Wolfestone provided our organisation with a highly professional translation service.  We were thoroughly satisfied with every aspect of the service and would definitely call upon them again.” — NHS

    Translate All Types of Documents

    We understand the complex nature of the translations that are required for clinical trials. We have experience with many of these types of documents and can provide:

    • Case Report Forms
    • Clinical Protocols
    • Clinical Trial Submissions
    • Dossiers
    • Drug study labels
    • Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
    • Patient Information Leaflets (PIL)
    • Patient Recorded Outcome Forms
    • Doctor and Patient Guides

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    Wolfestone offers five different service levels. The two service levels that are recommended for industries that deal with sensitive information, specialist terminology and rely on high translation quality are Corporate+ and Enterprise.

    Enterprise: a multi-linguist creative translation service focused on emotive impact and brand integrity. Specialist translator. Edited by a second linguist. Multi-linguist reconciliation. In-depth consultation. Terminology research. Terminology management. On-brand messaging. Advanced QA including style. Unlimited review cycles.

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