Medical and Life Sciences Translation Services

The medical industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries the world. By 2030, UK health care is set to be a £200 billion industry with huge international growth opportunities.

But when it comes to patient health and wellbeing, there’s a lot at stake. Whether you’re communicating about patient consent, potential drug side effects or medical research, both clarity and timelines are absolutely key. That’s why Wolfestone’s medical translation services combine a commitment to total accuracy with a swift, client-focused service.

medical translation services

What do medical translation services offer?

For high-quality medical translation, it’s essential that you work with professional translation services. Whether you want to ensure that multilingual patients will have access to the information that they need or supercharge your company’s expansion in the global healthcare industry, it has never been more important to communicate with clarity.

Which medical translation services does Wolfestone offer?

Our medical translation services team boasts a wide range of diverse clients, including public and private hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and bio-technology companies.

We also have expertise in:

The Clinical Trials industry

With an estimated 72% of clinical trials being conducted overseas by 2020, translation has never been so important for the industry. Accuracy of language is of the greatest importance in any overseas clinical trial. Much like the legal sector, information within the clinical trials industry relies heavily on the clarity of the language in contracts and patient consent forms. There is no room for ambiguity or errors, as an inaccurate translation can cause irreparable, costly consequences – and even jeopardise the trial itself. That’s why our medical translation services team is committed to working with you to deliver the highest-quality translation.

The Pharmaceutical industry

Translation plays a vital role in the global pharmaceutical industry. Successful international expansion can only be achieved through effective negotiation and communication, requiring a reliable translation partner that can deliver on-time and on-budget. However, pharmaceutical translation is a highly-specialised discipline, fully reliant on terminology and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Whether you wish to translate Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs), patent applications or pharmaceutical marketing collateral, using a suitably qualified translators is a non-negotiable.

How does the process work?

Wolfestone’s translation process is bespoke for each client, project and chosen translation service level.

First of all, each client is assigned a dedicated account manager who is your consistent point-of-contact. We’ll work to find out your exacting requirements and tailor our service to meet them – on budget and on time.

Have an urgent request? We use Synergy X technology to allow for quicker turnarounds. Synergy X is an exclusive piece of translation technology that offers machine translation, interactive CAT tool and website-connector for accurate, efficient and quick medical translation services.

Why choose Wolfestone as your medical translation specialist?

  • We offer global coverage: Wolfestone guarantees you professional, precise and accurate translations in over 220 languages, even language pairs that are more difficult to place.
  • Our linguists and Project Managers are experts in what they do: High-quality medical translation can only be achieved by utilising specialists with a minimum of five years of industry experience and relevant higher-learning qualifications. Each of our linguists is vetted through our multiple-step selection process and subject to continued quality assurance tests by our vendor management team. Our quality assurance process contains tests, ratings and quality spot-checks. What’s more, our medical translation linguists are all granted access to current websites and medical journals to research up-to-date and accurate medical terms.
  • Total security: We guarantee you the highest possible level of security for your documents.Every project we undertake at Wolfestone is human delivered but is supported by our very best linguistic technology, Synergy X.

medical translation services
Clients like the National Health Service (NHS) trust us as their medical translation services provider.

“Wolfestone provided our organisation with a highly professional translation service. We were thoroughly satisfied with every aspect of the service and would definitely call upon them again.”NHS


Your Partner for Medical Interpreters

If you require a professional medical interpreter for your hospital appointment or pharmaceutical conference, we’re also here to help. Our conference interpreters are fully qualified, bound by a confidentiality agreement and experts in the target language.

We also offer a UK-exclusive telephone interpreting service, which is an affordable and quick way to meet your immediate needs. No matter where you are, you will be able to connect through our app for smartphones and desktops to a native, highly qualified interpreter whenever you need it. Our service can be used on demand, which cuts down on lengthy planning methods. 99% of calls are answered within a minute, so you’ll never be left waiting. Our customer service team will run you step-by-step through the process of booking an interpreter with us.

medical translation services