When it comes to Health and Safety translation you can’t leave anything open to interpretation, and you need a professional company that has experience in this specialist area.

According to the TUC in the UK there are over 100,000 successful personal injury claims every year, normally paid out by the employers’ liability insurance, leading to higher premiums for the company.

In order to minimise risk and protect a company it’s important to translate your documentation to a high standard, so employees understand what’s expected of them and accidents are kept to a minimum.

We have worked on health and safety projects for a range of companies across sectors including:

  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Food and drink
  • Construction

We also offer health and safety voiceover services as we did for Vodafone through their agency BYG: https://www.wolfestone.co.uk/voice_over_casestudy.php

To read our article about the importance of health and safety translation visit this link.

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