How can Wolfestone Translation help your business?

The downturn in the global economy means that it is even more important to communicate to customers – wherever they are in the world – effectively and in their native language. By translating marketing material, instruction manuals or distribution agreements you can communicate with potential markets who do not speak your language. This one move could help you to sell your new products to millions of extra customers. It can improve the bottom line and return on investment.

When translating manuals and instructions for electrical and electronic equipment it is essential that they are 100% accurate and easy to understand. We only use native speakers to ensure accuracy across your documents. Having your documents professionally translated with Wolfestone Translation means that you can avoid any mistakes and potential accidents.

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Translation Quality Guaranteed

Wolfestone is a multi-award winning certified translation provider accredited by the Association of Translation Companies (Home Office approved). Wolfestone is independently certified with international standard ISO 17100:2015. This is an industry-specific standard which covers the unique challenges involved in delivering high-quality translation services. We are one of a very few translation companies who are independently certified with both ISO 17100 and ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management).

With an introductory discount of 10% we can translate all kinds of documents which can help your business work just as effectively in a foreign market. Examples of documents we translate regularly:

* Manuals and Instructions
* Legal contracts
* Technical drawings
* Patents
* Health and safety documents
* Engineering specifications
* Websites
* Distribution arrangements
* Price lists
* Catalogues
* Brochures
* Technical proposals