Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital is the second largest city in Scotland and there are many reasons why you should use professional translation services and order your translation from Wolfestone in Edinburgh: quality, customer service, affordability, quick turnaround, and a socially responsible service. Our professional translation service in Edinburgh only utilises fully-qualified translators and we devote the same high level of attention, dedication and resources to every project we have, whether it is technical translation, legal documents, urgent translation, wedding & birth certificates, websites, proofreading, voiceovers etc. We offer translation and language services in Edinburgh for all industries and individuals.

Translation services in Edinburgh for all industries and individuals

At Wolfestone Translation we have access to over 6000 translators worldwide, who only translate into their mother tongue and who can localise your translation. This also ensures continuity and accuracy across all of your documents. For each assignment you will have a project manager allocated to you, who will keep you up to date on your project, ensuring your deadlines are met and your document is allocated to an appropriately qualified and experienced translator.

Translation in Edinburgh – Quality Guaranteed


Wolfestone Translation is a multi-award winning certified translation services provider accredited by the Association of Translation Companies (Home Office approved). Wolfestone is independently certified with international standard ISO 17100:2015. This is an industry-specific standard which covers the unique challenges involved in delivering high-quality translation services. We are one of a very few translation companies who are independently certified with both ISO 17100 and ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management).

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Success criteria to consider for every translation:

To help us deliver a quality translation there are some success criteria you should consider for every translation project:

  • Define what the translation is for – is it for information only? Is it for publication e.g. website translation, and therefore needs proofing? Is the language technical, market-based, legal, etc.?
    Also specify precisely what language is needed for your translation – Spanish for Madrid or Mexico? English in the UK or US?
  • It is useful to have as much reference material as possible – previous approved translations, examples of style and tone of company documents (e.g. how does your organization usually deliver information?), product information, glossaries, clarification of acronyms (should these be translated or not?), terminology, etc.
  • If you need a website translation, please do not simply provide the URL – if possible arrange to have the site files sent to us, or have the content extracted and send it in a copy platform, database, or any convenient form such as a Word document.

Read more about which criteria you should consider for every translation in Edinburgh.

Our translators for Edinburgh

Wolfestone Translation has a strict and rigorous selection process, which allows only the cream of the crop to pass through and become Wolfestone translators in Edinburgh. Our translators MUST have a recognised higher degree in translation and at least five years’ translation experience, in addition to expertise in a relevant subject area. We only use translators who work into their native language and also prefer our translators to be based in their native country where they can keep up to date with any cultural or linguistic changes which may affect their work.

Translation services in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, is the second largest city in Scotland. The city is divided into areas encompassing parks, local streets, the high street and residential buildings. Edinburgh has the highest Gross Value Added per employee in the UK, apart from London. Edinburgh is also the most competitive large city in the UK. Edinburgh is home to four universities with more than 100,000 students. All of these things contributed to it being named Best Small City of the future in 2010/2011.

The city is famous for the Edinburgh festival, which is a series of separate events running from the end of July until early September each year. The longest established festival is the Edinburgh International Festival, which first ran in 1947. The International Festival centres on a programme of high-profile theatre productions and classical music performances, featuring international directors, conductors, theatre companies and orchestras. Edinburgh attracts 1 million overseas visitors a year, making it the most visited tourist destination in the United Kingdom, after London.

Wolfestone Price Promise for your translation in Edinburgh

At Wolfestone Translation, we take our responsibilities as translators very seriously. We don’t believe that translation is simply a matter of swapping words and phrases. Wolfestone Translation always aims to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient translation service. We know that cost is often the deciding factor when budgets are tight and difficult decisions have to be made when it comes to assigning work to a translation service provider. Hence the Wolfestone Price Promise for any translations.

The Promise: If you find a lower quote for the same translation from another professional translation service provider, Wolfestone will aim to beat that quote each and every time you order a translation in Edinburgh.