Leeds is the UK’s largest centre for business, legal and financial services outside London. Wolfestone are committed to removing language as a barrier within the world of communication and providing quality translation in Leeds to and from as wide a range of languages as possible. There are a lot of reasons why you should use professional translation services and order your translation from Wolfestone: quality, customer service, affordability, quick turnaround, socially responsible service.

Translation in Leeds – Quality Guaranteed

Wolfestone Translation is a multi-award winning certified translation services provider accredited by the Association of Translation Companies (Home Office approved). Wolfestone Translation is independently certified with the ISO 17100:2015 accreditation. This is an industry-specific standard which covers the unique challenges involved in delivering high quality translation services. We are one of a very few translation companies who are additionally independently certified with ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015. All our project managers are qualified through the Association of Project Managers.

Translation services in Leeds for all industries and individuals

At Wolfestone Translation in Leeds we have access to over 6,000 translators worldwide, who only translate into their mother tongue. Our translation services in Leeds devote the same high level of attention, dedication and resources to every translation we carry out, whether it is a marketing translation, technical translation, legal documents, urgent translation, wedding & birth certificates, website translation, proofreading, voiceovers etc. We offer translation and language services in Leeds for all industries and individuals.


Success criteria to consider for every translation:

To help us deliver a quality translation there are some success criteria you should consider for every translation project:

  • Take the burden off the words. Judicious use of maps, pictograms and diagrams can be far more effective with international readers than literary ramblings and hyper-technical descriptions. Also avoid culture-bound clichés- references to your national sport may well fall flat abroad. The same can be said for literary/cultural metaphors. Keep some local flavour if you like, but keep this to a minimum. Finalise your text before starting the translation. Tempting as it may be to get your translation project rolling as quickly as possible, having translators work from a draft-in-progress will almost always be more time-consuming – hence more expensive (and probably more frustrating) – than waiting for the final text to be ready. Worse still: the more versions you have, the more likely it is that errors will creep into the final version. Sometimes you have no choice – sometimes deadlines are so tight that work on the translation must begin before you’ve finalised the original text. If this is the case, be sure to time and date-stamp each version and mark changes from one version to the next clearly for your translators.
  • Tell the translation company if any words (such as product names) are to be left in English as internationally recognised terms, or localised.
  • Indicate whether conversions (e.g. inches to cm, or pounds to kgs) are to be done by the translator.

Read more about which criteria you should consider for every translation in Leeds.

Our translators for Leeds

Wolfestone Translation has a strict and rigorous selection process, which allows only the cream of the crop to pass through and become Wolfestone translators in Leeds. Our translators MUST have a recognised higher degree in translation and at least five years’ translation experience, in addition to expertise in a relevant subject area. We only use translators who work into their native language and also prefer our translators to be based in their native country where they can keep up to date with any cultural or linguistic changes which may affect their work. The quality management system utilised by Wolfestone Translation Ltd is designed to ensure that the client receives the highest quality, accurate, culturally aware and professional translation each and every time. We are continually working towards improving documented procedures for quality assurance in all aspects of our activities.

Translation services in Leeds

Leeds is a city and metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire. Leeds is the UK’s largest centre for business, legal and financial services outside London. During the 17th and 18th centuries Leeds was famous for the production and trading of wool and became a major industrial centre during the Industrial Revolution.

An array of natural and built landmarks can be found in and around Leeds such as Otley chevin, a gritstone outcrop, and Fairburn Ings RSBP reserve. Thanks to these landmarks Leeds offers a range of routes for walkers and cyclists. People from Leeds are sometimes known as Loiners.

 Wolfestone Price Promise for your translation in Leeds

At Wolfestone Translation, we take our responsibilities as translators very seriously. We don’t believe that translation is a matter of swapping words and phrases. Wolfestone Translation always aims to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient translation service. We know that cost is often the deciding factor when budgets are tight and difficult decisions have to be made when it comes to assigning work to a translation service provider. Hence the Wolfestone Price Promise for any translations.

The Promise: If you find a quote for the same translation from another professional translation service provider is lower, Wolfestone will aim to beat that quote each and every time you order a translation in Leeds