What happens when travel meets translation?

Tourism is holding virtually uninterrupted growth rates over decades. The number of people who travelled globally increased from 25 million in 1950 to 1.133 billion in 2014, spending US $1.245 trillion (£820 billion) on accommodation, food & drinks, entertainment and shopping.

Companies who manage to attract those travellers to purchase their products and services could potentially make huge revenues. But how do you engage foreign travellers with your business?

Whether you are a small travel company with a limited budget or a well-established global travel business, our eBook holds essentials tips for everyone, including:

  • The travel market – a booming industry: Current figures & forecasts
  • Multilingual global marketing in the travel industry – what to translate?
  • How to engage foreign audiences with your travel offerings?

As a bonus, your eBook comes with an optional free consultation.